Beto Lopez L.

Producer, Actor, Writer

Born in La Paz, Bolivia.

Beto joined the Pachamama films team in 1996. For the two previous years he was a staff journalist for two Bolivian newspapers, covering films and the arts. He was commissioned to cover the work of Jac Avila for both newspapers.

His previous experience also includes working with Bolivian filmmaker Jorge Sangines during the presentation of his film Para recibir el canto de los pájaros.

With Pachamama Films, Beto produced the ecological documentaries Earth Day, Biosfera: 10 años de Labor, Incarracay.

He worked in the organization for the presentation of The Death of St Eulalia and Nocturnia in film festivals. He served as a production liason for the National Geographic documentary Outbreak Investigation: Curse of the Black Typhus.

He also produced The documentaries Vientos Negros and Misiones, as well as the Feature film Monsieur Montez

He plays a role in Sirwiñakuy and The Spectres of Blood Castle.