Jac Avila

Director, Producer, Writer, Actor

Jac Avila, grandson of poet Antonio Avila, and descendent of painter Johannes Vermeer, founded Pachamama Films in 1994, after achieving success with his award winning and critically acclaimed documentary Krik? Krak! Tales of a Nightmare.

Avila has worked with international film organizations such as The National Film Board of Canada, ICAIC (the Cuban film institute), Magyar Films in Hungary, Ki Films, France, Channel Four of England and with National Geographic in the production of Outbreak Investigation: Curse of the Black Typhus.

With his fiction miniseries El Hombre de la Luna, Avila opened a daring cinematic career path in fiction, adding to his long trajectory of documentary and experimental film making. CrossOver, the experimental short, made in collaboration with international artist Tadeusz Myslowski, is featured in the

Avila went on to direct such films as Vientos Negros, about the hemorrhagic fever of Beni, Bolivia, and controversial fiction films Martyr and Maleficarum, both centering around concepts of torture and martyrdom. And producing and acting in other films, among them the controversial Sirwiñakuy (2010, Amy Hesketh), Barbazul (Amy Hesketh) and Le Marquis de la Croix (Amy Hesketh), in which he interprets the daring roles of a sadist, a serial killer, and the Marquis de Sade, respectively.

With Dead But Dreaming, Avila opens a new genre in Bolivian cinema, the vampire film. Taking place over several eras and filmed in various locations across the diverse Bolivian landscape, this film promises to deliver a fantastic image and exciting story, previously untouched in Bolivia.

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