Erik Antoine

director, producer, writer, actor

Erik was born in New York City on August 21, 1977. He lived his early years in the U.S.A., Bolivia and Cuba where he was strongly influenced by his artistic family. He studied in Havana, New York City and La Paz and he began writing in his teens and making shorts before he was out of high school.

Erik participated in the acting workshops organized by Pachamama Flims in Bolivia, and landed his first acting role in the mini-series El Hombre de La Luna.

In New York, while attending university, he collaborated in the script and later joined the cast of The Death of St Eulalia and that same year pitch his first script to Pachamama Films for possible production.

On a snowy February morning the shooting of Nocturnia began and Erik directed his first feature film, taking a role in it as well.

In 2005 he began his festival tour with the film and joined the cast of Outbreak Investigation: Curse of the Black Typhus for National Geographic, in which he plays doctor Kuns.

He worked in the production of Sirwiñakuy playing a supporting role.